About Us

Welcome to Mamamia Ladies Haven (MLH).
Mamamia Ladies Haven is a trading name of JAJAMINE Limited, a company registered in the UK.
Shop and browse through our fantastic product categories from Hair, Clothing, Skin care products and Accessories.


All our merchandise is sourced from different countries across the globe and they are of the highest quality you can ever find. We sell trendy outfits which will believe would restore your confidence when you slay them.

At MLH, we make it easy and affordable for you to be your own kind of beautiful. We believe you deserve to look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank.
Our customers’ outward image reflects the confidence they feel inside. They are bad-ass, fashion-forward, and in control of their own destiny. Helping you slay is our business.

Whether you are the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media maven, we’ll dress you from head-to-toe, as you take the lead in your own fashion life.


Our hair is a collection of lady’s celebrity wigs, long, short, bob wigs, we have different styles and colours to suit all wig wearers.  Wigs for women of all ages, modern styles, classic wig styles for the classy ones.

We give our customers priority, we offer a discreet service with wig delivery direct to your door in our customised packaging, we are proud to satisfy our customers by providing high quality products.  Our wigs are made from 100% human hair and easy to care for, just like you would care for your real hair. All our hair is resistant to heat, can be curled, dyed, straightened and bleached.

Our wigs are customised and fits perfectly on any head size, no need for glue or tape, they are made using HD lace and they have extra elastic band for extra security on your head.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a wig, whether it’s for fashion, medical or simply a change of image we are sure you will find the right one for you in our online wig shop.


We are a UK distributor of popular Michele Care skin care products, Michele care products are produced in Belgium and FDA standard compliant making them safe to use on the skin.

We sourced the market and found a product that truly works and eradicates skin care issues women may be facing leaving you with a smooth and flawless skin.

Additionally, these products repair damaged skin caused by using bad creams, the main active ingredients in it is Glutathione and Kojic acid (Safest skin lightening ingredient)


We started selling toys because we are passionate about kids and how they develop.

Play is crucial to how children develop and learn about the world. In education it’s recognised that children need access to a range of toys and play experiences. Toys focused on action, construction and technology hone spatial skills, foster problem solving and encourage children to be active. Toys focused on role play and small-scale theatre allow them to practise social skills. Arts & crafts are good for fine motor skills and perseverance.